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Visual Studio Tricks

A compilation of 5 neat little shortcuts/tricks in VS: 1. Incremental Search Incremental search can also be thought of as live search. The cursor highlights the first finding as you’re typing the search term. [CTRL]+[I] = Incremental Search [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[I] (Back Search) [F3] – Find Next [SHIFT]+[F3] – Find Previous 2. Show and Hide White Space in [&hellip

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Adobe Edge Inspect (a.k.a. Adobe Shadow)

Wirelessly pair multiple iOS and Android devices to your computer. With Edge Inspect (a.k.a. Shadow), you browse in Chrome, and all connected devices will stay in sync. It allows you to see what your website looks like on actual mobile devices and not just emulators. Other perks are being able to press a single button [&hellip

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Dummy SMTP Server

A useful little tool is smtp4dev. It sits in the system tray and does not deliver messages you send to it. The messages in the queue can then be viewed, saved and checked out for structure or layout problems. Very handy should your dev machine not have rights to use a real SMTP server and [&hellip

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