I’m a .NET developer based in Wichita and it is my passion to design and develop applications using Microsoft’s .NET technologies.

I was born and raised in Germany and studied Information & Communication Technologies and graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund, Germany.

My job allows me to push the envelope and stay on the bleeding edge of technology. I love the challenge of learning new technologies and adapt in a fast paced environment. However, being on the forefront and using new technologies can cause issue when faced with a problem. Documentation, blog posts or forums to address issues with brand new technologies can be sparse.

I started this blog to build an archive of issues that took me a while to figure out because of the lack of public support at the time.
Hoping to morph CodeWreckers into more than just a dev blog though and also blog about “cool stuff” like projects for Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc. so stay tuned. ;-)