I decide to have some fun with EL Wires and see what I can come up with.

Here is a list of parts:

I ended up buying more than that from CoolNeon, but for this particular project the list above is all you need. Since I bought the raw wire some soldering was involved to get the connector on the wire.


Once everything was connected and I ran a quick test to make sure it’s working.


Next I wanted to make sure that the contrast between the black canvas and the blue wire was what I was hoped it would be… and it was. :-)


Now the question was how to get the the wire in the shape of the Biohazard symbol. I decided to print out the logo and attach it to the back of the canvas to use it as a template.

This is what it looked like after fiddling with it for about 20 minutes and it’s starting to take shape.



It looks pretty clean from a distance, but to give you an idea of what it really looks like here is a close up of the EL wire and the fishing line on the canvas.


Here is what the back of the canvas looks like. I just sowed through the template so the paper is now attached to it on the back, but who cares… not like anyone would see it there anyways. The excess EL wire I ended up with was just coiled up inside the frame on the back.


And after a lot of sowing and poking various little wholes in the canvas for the fishing wire and the EL wire this is the end result.

EL-Wire Biohazard

It turned out pretty decent. Now I just have to find a spot to put it. Maybe I’ll wire it up to the light switch in my work room so it comes on every time I’m in there… or I might add a motion detector that turns it on when I walk in. Overall… the Angel Hair EL wire is very easy to bend and sow and it’s still pretty bright.

Off to the next project. ;-)