I found the Ice tube clock kit on Adafruit and ended up with a very cool clock on my nightstand. Highly recommend this kit for anyone that enjoys soldering.

The kit uses a cool glowing blue tube (retro Russian display tube). Once it’s all said and done the clock can even be used as an alarm clock and calendar.


Here are all the parts spread out getting ready to start:

Ice Tube Parts


After all parts were soldered on the board I ended up with this:

Assembled IceTube Clock circuit 1

Assembled IceTube Clock circuit 2

Getting all of the wires of the tube soldered on to the round circuit board took a little bit of time and you want to take your time to make sure it’s on right. It’s very difficult to change it later once it’s wrong.

Assembled Ice Tube Clock Circuit Boards


All that’s left to do now is to assemble the case, plug the circuits together and bring it to live.

Ice Tube Clock

It works!!!

The final destination for it is my nightstand where it shall remain. :-)

Ice Tube Clock Nightstand


Detailed step by step instructions fro the Ice Tube Clock Kit can be found on Adafruit’s site here: http://learn.adafruit.com/ice-tube-clock-kit/