Have you ever inherited a project in Team Foundation Server (TFS) and struggled getting full access to the SharePoint project portal?

It took me a few hours to figure out why I didn’t have full access to the project. I had admin access on the local TFS server and thought I’d just have to log on and add myself to the correct group. I added myself to every possible group I could find with no success. I was able to access the project and manage tasks and I also had access to the SharePoint site, but only as a contributor not an admin.

I stumbled upon this post, which talks about using stsadm to find out who owns the projects.

After running stsadm to enum all of the pages I realized that the owner was a domain user that no longer existed.

stsadm -o enumsites -url http://TFSSERVERNAME

I used stsadm to make myself the owner and voila… I had full access.

stsadm -o siteowner -url http://TFSSERVERNAME/sites/PROJECTPAGE -ownerlogin DOMAIN\USER

Here is another useful link: Index of stsadm operations and properties